July 4, 2016

SSH Client for Windows / Mac OSX


Previously, the Poderosa version 4 series has been released as an open source SSH client for Windows, but after major renewal in 2016 the major version was also 5. The new Poderosa is a paid software, not an open source, but you can evaluate it until you love Poderosa.
Shell is an old but good interface for engineers and computers to communicate , but it is not a field that has never withered, given the goal of attracting engineers in the shell. It is not easy to achieve both ease of use and abundant functions, stylish UI, support of various platforms, but the new Poderosa aims to be “a good shell operating environment chosen as a good engineer”.


(1) Splitting Screen and Tab

We adopt screen split and tab-shape UI which was popular since old Poderosa as it is. Let’s construct shell life in which you use connection to more than one host properly, edit the configuration file with seeing log, and so on.

(2) Caret and Animation

Flashing quadrangle is normal as caret of terminal, but in new Poderosa, you can use these carets with animation. Because it’s possible to make setting differ in each connection, you can change mood in staging/development environment and production environment.

(3) Shell Assist Feature

You can select command entry candidates using the your input history and select them with the function keys. You can also use TouchBar on Macbook! For details, please see manual .

(4) Effect of That Movie, Too

Although it’s a joke, there is an option to copy opening of that famous movie! Especially, it’s recommended when log is run by tail -f !
Off course, we aren’t only playing around, as a terminal, this has enough necessary functions.


Poderosa Terminal 5 for Windows / .NET 4.0 Recommended for Windows 8/10
Poderosa Terminal 5 for Windows / .NET 3.5 Recommended for Windows 7
Poderosa Terminal 5 for Windows / Portable Simple zip package. Suitable for carrying in USB memory.
Poderosa Terminal 5 for Mac OSX Recommended for Mac OSX 10.8 or later. OSX Edition is developed using Xamarin.

*1 There is no function difference in each package, but .NET4 ver. has better performance and look.
*2 You can use .NET4 Poderosa if you install .NET4.0.
*3 We expect .NET3.5 can work on Windows Vista, but has not been validated and is not guaranteed. Also we are not supporting WindowsXP.

Purchasing Informaiton

Purchasing License

Although without license purchase, you can use almost all functions permanently, if you continue using, please purchase license.

User Support

As for basic usage and meanings of setting items, please refer to each article in manual.
And if it’s not solved, as for user support, please inquire using feedback tool of Poderosa body, we will answer.
Also, you can inquire by e-mail:poderosa_at_lagarto.co.jp(Please convert “_at_” to “@”),and Twitter @Poderosa_EN .
On top of that, if inquiries are too many, users who purchased license are given priority.

Future Schedule

  • 2018: Release for some HMD environment.

In future, what to be given priority is fluid. We will rearrange our plans actively. Don’t miss it.