July 7, 2016

Solutions with other products

We are running business to customize and add function to link to other products by applying Poderosa terminal.

There is case like this for example.

Link to certification and management structure within company

Because of design, the management of the SSH private key is up to each user.
It is possible to record who and when executed which command and receive security merit
by adding function to receive the secret key from the management secret each time or to collect all the history of the executed command,
instead of letting each user manage their keys.

We love to hear from you about development for those kind of solution.

Check command before execution

It is possible to add help function which show information based on internal manual and bug database by popup before executing command.
It is expected to prevent human error and to be a good training for new comers.

Automation of operation

There is a development tool which execute certain operation on multiple servers at the same time.
Some individual development is necessary to link to Web based tool, which cannot be completed by Shell.

Please feel free to contact us about development through feedback tool or e-mail.