July 14, 2016

C#, OpenGL, HMD

When I mounted old Poderosa, I wrote by C#, the reason is only “because C# is speedy to make GUI application of Windows”. At that time, there was no smartphone, it was age of feature phones.

I think it was about 2014 when I firstly thought about plan to renewal Poderosa, even if iOS/android version was to be made, question was pertinent “really, do I want to do SSH operation in smartphone?”
There might be a situation that you want to log from smart phone in case of emergency at outside, but we doubt that someone can collect information and solve the problem with smart phone though it might be possible to restart application.
If you have Bluetooth key board with tablet, you can achieve close operational feeling with iOS/android version as PC. But probably only few people have that kind of environment.

Based on such judgement, renewal plan was once stopped. At that time, we were satisfied with just leaning OpenGL and making trial animation, because we thought the drawing on iOS/android version should be OpenGL.iOS/android
Situation changed in 2015, it was when I actually experienced applications with knowing information about HMD hardware such as Vive, Oculus Rift.
In this environment, with traditional keyboard and mouse, plus moving neck and moving of eye become input device, work efficiency of shell will greatly enhanced, and because concentration is high, it should be certain merit that we don’t see troublesome Web or e-mail and can concentrate on our work. The world like famous movie “Minority Report” will come soon.

Further, HMD major development environment “Unity” is using C# and technology around C#/.NET might be opened soon due to takeover of Xamarin by Microsoft.
Those movement helped to decide plan to renew Poderosa into multi-platform. 

Honestly saying, is very difficult to operate Shell in daily bases in the existing hardware made in 2015 to 2016 due to the lowness of resolution.
However, this problem will be solved in next few years, it will be possible to purchase HMD which has good enough resolution and performance in reasonable price by 2020 at least.
If it is to develop HMD, iOS/android will be developed together. New Poderosa is looking into that future.

Well, it is true that HMD’s main contents are game and porn, but it is also useful for software developers and network engineers.
We will switch the development of Poderosa to HMD as soon as HMD become available in Visual Studio.