Lagarto Technology, Inc.

Location 3-10-23 Takada Toshima-ward, Tokyo

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CEO Daisuke Okajima

We are open to hear about business using Poderosa. Please feel free to ask.


The history of CEO and Company

1986 Started programing at 10 years old. Learned basics of computers, started at Family Basic and then PC-9801.
1995 Enterd Tokyo University. Founded a software developing company with friends while in the University.
2000 Graduated from Tokyo University, faculty of science, Information science department. Hired and developed network solution. Also developed “GUEVARA” which later became Poderosa.
2003 Released OmegaChart which was developed to help personal stock trade. Later received Nomura Research Institute Special Award in the first stock robot contest for the built-in algorithm which uses script language.
2004 Purchased the copyright from the original company and kept developing it as leaving the company. Developed Java VM in next hired company.
2005 Started own business. Poderosa is selected as MITOU-Project, and released as an open source in next year.
2006 Founded Lagarto Technology.
2007 Developed Tactico, the client side platform for stock/FX trade. It is adopted for multiple stock/FX company and is still in operation.
2011 Started to sell TFTrader, a FX trading package including serverside, from Lagarto Technology International which is a joint company in HongKong. Started to operate in 2013.
2015 Developed a backend dealing algorithm for FX company.
2016 Released new Poderosa.