August 5, 2016

Poderosa Terminal 5 Download (Portable)

Read precaution before installation.

(1) .NET Framework 3.5 is required to execute. Windows have it if it’s not too old.

(2) Poderosa send information below to our server by HTTPS correspondence and receives release information and news about Poderosa.

* User ID(Only for the ones who purchased the license)
* Serial number of the drive(HDD, SSD, USB etc,) which is executing Poderosa(Including trial user).

It is to grasp total user number and utilize situation. We do not identify individual by this information.

(3) There is no function limitation other than unable to connect terminal without internet connection during trial.
The environment without connection should be environment like private network of some company and use in this kind of environment requires some security and assumed to be job-related. We consider usage in this kind of environment is beyond trial.

(4) Please read privacy policy.


Download starts when this button is clicked.

Poderosa Terminal 5 Portable 5.4.2, Released on 2016/07/06 , Approx. 10MB zip file

We always respect user’s suggestions and opinions. Please give us your opinions and requests through Poderosa’s feedback tool in the start menu.