Purchasing License

Poderosa Terminal 5 is a proprietary software, which is different from old version.
TTrial is unlimited in time, so please purchase license after trial using until you are satisfied.

During trial, function isn’t limited except for one that terminal connection is impossible in condition in which Internet is cut. It’s estimated that environment of no internet is often seen in using in business in environment which requires certain security such as in-house private network, so operation in these environment is over scope of trial.


1 license is 3,300 Yen (Approx. $31~$33, depends on currency rate) per a year (include consumption tax)

  • 1 license is effective for one computer used one time. The number of users doesn’t matter.
  • As for 2 computers used not at the same time, such as at the time of buying a replacement, 1 license can be used as it is.
  • Regarding to portable version, 1 license is necessary for one set carried.
  • You can upgrade new released version of Poderosa without any extra fee while you have a license.

License is terminated one year after purchase day. When termination becomes near, renewal information is sent, if you purchase again, one year is extended.

How to Buy

Using purchase application form of Poderosa, please fill in necessary information such as mail address and so on and please send it. Then e-mail with information of buying procedure is sent, please follow the instruction and finish purchase procedure. As payment method, our company accepts credit card and bank transfer.

Plus, there are free/discount programs, please read, too.

– Free License for open source project –

For open source project members who meet the following criteria, free & unlimited license is issued, so please contact.

  • Having activity with actual work
  • Agreeing with writing that member is using Poderosa in Web site of project
  • Agreeing with publicizing the fact that license is issued to the project on Web site

– Volume Discount –

In case of purchasing more than ten licenses, such as purchase by company, discount is applied.

  • if you purchase more than 10 licenses, 10% discount from the 11th license.
  • if you purchase more than 50 licenses, 20% discount from the 51th license.
  • if you purchase more than 100 licenses, 40% discount from the 101th license.

– Affiliate Program –

If you like Poderosa, please introduce it to your acquaintance and colleague.

If another license purchase is conducted by introduction by a license purchaser, the following special privileges are given. (Please input ID of introducer in purchase form).

  • License effective period of introducer is extended by 60 days per one license.
  • As for users whose license effective period is more than two years, if applied, as for period over two years, our company buys one license, 5 yen per day.
  • There is a distribution depending on the number of holding-license. For instance, if an introducer who has one license obtains new purchaser who buys two licenses, 60*2 = 120days are extended. If an introducer who has two licenses obtains a new purchaser who buys one license, 60 / 2 = 30 days are extended. In this calculations, our company rounds a number up to the nearest whole number as for less than one day.