July 7, 2016

About Font

Poderosa is really particular about letter font.
Most of the terminal’s impression of is decided by font, and preference is different for each user.

For example, one of my(Okajima’s) favorite font is Inconsolata, but not very many systems has this font.
Also, many font are prohibited to include in software due to license.

So POderosa enables to save font which is already lettered in fixed size as image and user it as terminal font.
Of counrse, you can use the font which is already installed(Monospace only).

Because it has function to integrate font as picture, it is possible to have exotic font like this.


This font is movie “Terminator” taste.
This field still can be developed, so please give us your comments through Poderosa feedback tool.
We may start functions to share caret and font which are created someone to others, for example.