April 12, 2017

Shell Assist Feature

Feature to reduce the number of your key typing!

 The shell assist feature dynamically displays candidates of command inputs and complements them on the spot when selected.

 Press function keys to select.

 In addition, you can use TouchBar on MacBook!

 In shell operations, we often use the same words that we typed earlier, so this will greatly contribute to reducing the number of key types.

Operating principle

When logging in with SSH, another connection is established in the background and the command candidates are automatically constructed by obtaining the result of the ‘history’ command. After that, the background connection is disconnected and command candidates are updated by your input.
 Therefore, there are the following restrictions.

– If you are using Keyboard-Interactive authentication, the shell assist function will not work because ‘history’ can not be acquired in the background.
– Since Poderosa decides on completion candidates by looking at the prompt and input command, the last character of the prompt must be either $, #, >, or %.
– Although it corresponds roughly to the main shell used in Unix, there are cases where the shell setting is special, and it does not work in environments such as routers or switches.

Even if the shell assist function does not work, it does not interfere with normal shell operation.

We are waiting for feedback

Since this function is ambitious, We believe there is still room for improvement. Please do not hesitate to give us your opinion as we are welcoming anything including reports on cases that do not work well, suggestions for improvement, and simple “like / disliked” comments.