July 7, 2016

Star Wars Opening Effect


It is the Star Wars Opening Effect we tried mounting combining demonstration of technology because we adopted OpenGL as drawing engine with considerable trouble. There is a setting option in new connection dialog, so please try. Such playful mood makes work fun, doesn’t it?
It is recommended to keep log running by tail -f.

Let yourself go, let’s sound said main theme at the time of connection. In “Log and terminal setting” of new connection screen, sound at the time of connection can be set.

As for sound file, wav and mp3 are supported. Please obtain file you like and try setting!

Further, this effect is designed to be most effective when it is executed by aspect ratio about same as movie screen. Plus, if window is resized at the time of connection, sometimes display becomes a little unnatural.

In future, depending on request, other effects may be added to mount. If you have an opinion, please inquire using feedback tool.