July 7, 2016

Terminal Settings

Here, settable items in log and terminal setting dialog is explained. There are two ways: Way to set in new connection screen and a way to set by clicking with the right mouse key after connection.



If you want to output log of connection, please specify its type. As for explanation about each type, and location of log file, please refer to manual about log.

Alt Key Configuration

If Poderosa Shortcut key is selected, shortcut key of operation of Poderosa like opening new SSH connection dialog by Alt+N is allocated. Others, settings like sending ESC code (Ex: Alt+A becomes two bytes of 0x1E 0x61) , making it in place of META key (Ex: Alt+A becomes one bye of 0xE1) is possible.

Setting of Sound

When connection is in success, and when BEF characters are receipt, sound can be made. As well as sounds set in Poderosa, arbitrary wav or mp3 sound file can be specified.

Because functions of other setting items seem to be few, explanation is omitted, but if you have questions or if you need additional setting, please inquire using feedback tool. We are looking forward to your opinions.