July 5, 2016

Unsupported Features

We would like to explain the functions which Poderosa 5 is not supporting.
We may add these function if there are many requests from the users, so please contact us through the feedback tool if you have any suggestion.
There are functions which is not implemented on purpose. And there are also functions that are not implemented due to priority.


SSH1 is not supported because there are security risk in the protocol. At the time of 2016, it will be rare that one can use only SSH1, if so, we think that server environment should promptly move to SSH2.

Criptgraphy Algorithms Other Than AES

We don’t support common key cryptosystems such as TripleDES and Blowfish. It’s technically easy, but:
* Probably, there is no SSH2 server which doesn’t support AES.
* Because recent hardware equips functions aiding encrypting and decrypting of AES, using AES has merit in executing time and power consumption.
Only AES is supported because of the reasons above.


We omit this because we expect that there is few users. We may consider if there are many requests, but please use Poderosa4 or previous version or TeraTerm.

Macro of Previous version of Poderosa

Although macro mechanism was supported in version 4, it seemed that it wasn’t used so actively, so support ended.
In future, there is possibility of mounting functions of this field, but we’d like to do comprehensive hearing about use condition of macro, such as creating mechanism which makes users’ moving from TeraTerm easy, we’d like to replan.

Port Forwarding Tool

It’s a function of SSH protocol rather than terminal, it’s saved. Please use other tool such as before Poderosa version 4, PortForwarder and so on, which has enough functions in operation.