Lagarto Technology, Inc.(Mentioned as “us” hearafter) establish personal information protection policy as written below,
and promote to protect personal information by establishing mechanism of personal information protection and educating the importance of personal information protection to all the workers thoroughly.

– Scope of Personal Information
“Personal Information” mentioned here is user’s or company’s name and e-mail address which we received through license sales and customer support of Poderosa.

– Information Management
To prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification and leakage of personal information,
we execute safety countermeasure to manage personal information strictly, and also we maintain security and management system and education for all the worker.

– Prohibition to disclose and to offer Personal Information to third party
We manage personal information properly and never disclose personal information to the third party except conditions below.

There is an agreement with the customer.
Required to disclose it due to the law.

– Inquiry of the person
If a customer request to refer/correct/delete his/her information, we will correspond after individual verification.

– The observance and review of laws and policies
We strictly observe Japanese laws and other criterions related to holding personal information.
We also review this policy time to time and strive to make it better.